>London Film and Comic Con

>Went to the London Film and Comic Con on Sunday, was pretty awesome walking around and checking out all the cool stuff they have out there. Made it even better that i got some photoshoots done with some epic people!! Im such a movie geek but i cant help it 🙂

A cool pic with Mr Christopher Lambert, the Highlander himself 😉

Very happy with the whole thing. Also got to meet Corey Feldman, straight back to the 80’s with that one….

And last but not least….the very epic Christopher Lloyd in the Delorean…couldnt turn this one down im afraid…..Was awesome meeting him, i felt kind of sad that he was so old now but it was definitly a pleasure to have had the chance

Anyway thats my photoshoots, will probably upload some other good pics up when i get them sorted…….All in all a wicked day 🙂


Sorry i been a lazy blogger

>Wow its been a long time since i have posted on here, sorry guys i have been totally caught up in other things and to be honest i havent really been drawing much. I need to start doing some more stuff personally but maybe when things get a little settled my end i will start some more. I been adding on to my cyberdoom animation, did some audio for it but havent done much more, should really continue that………hmm i guess the lastest thing i did was a little doodle sketch so i will give you that just as a start hehe.

Until next time (hopefully not that long) take care peeps 🙂

One Cat, One Fruit, One Clock Contest

Hey people,

Just an update for things. I have been doing some artwork and basically practicing some techniques for my drawing skills. Firstly for my competition entry..

The idea was to get 3 stock images from the site Deviant Art that are totally not related and to combine them to make a picture. So here is what I got so far:

As soon as I see the strawberry I thought it was the same shape as the cats head so there we go. Kinda strange and funny I know. Might add some more if I get some more ideas……..

Latest Stuff and Projects

Hey people,

Just thought i would put up some more stuff, remember you can always see the rest of the things i do on pocketninja85.deviantart.com, address is also on the banner above.

Anway here is the lastest stuff:

As well as two others i have done at the moment for my 8Bit project:
Im going to be working on some stuff with that, like an 80’s video game feel with a modern touch, well thats the idea anyway so we will see how that goes.

Anyway people hopefully you all reading this, dont know who is. But please give me some following people its feeling lonely on here…….

Bryaugh: Flight of Dragons

Hi people, hows it going??

Just a quick update of my lastest thing. I been joining some groups on Deviant Art and trying to make a point of submitting some artwork for them just to keep me focused. So here is my latest submission….

I always been a fan of the movie so it made a nice change and gave me a bit of ‘back to the old days’ so that was nice. Anyone out there remember this movie???

Anyway got some more prjects lined up so i’ll update you when it happens if you around 🙂 Take care for now!!!!

Flash Work!!


Hey people, and anyone that may be passing through.
I been working on a few things, at the moment it has been flash for a friends website, kind of does my head in…..being a bit of a pain at the moment. Just a frustrating process and a slow one but i think i will get there in te end. I hope so anyway
I did the Intro page to this site

I like playing with it some and seeing what i can come up with. Still havent got around to doing anything major yet though, i think i am a bit scared at the moment. Its all very complicated, can be a bit of a minefield at the moment.

Anyway peeps, how is everyone doing???? please give me a shout, its starting to feel lonely around here

Latest stuff after a long break..

Hey people. if anyone is out there??!!

Sorry for the long break i have had quite a lot of things going on at the moment, those who know would understand. Havent really had much of a drawing chance to be honest but I have been working on a few things lately……

Firstly My Alien painting for my Fiancee, thought i would share it to you now as i couldnt before cause it was all top secret and all that…. But here it is now for your viewing pleasure

I been working on a bit of annimation too, havent really done much of it though but it took long enough to do what i did. I want to continue with it though cause i think it came along well, just need to get my head around it some more………

Please leave any comments and let me know what you think and any ideas of how i could continue, at the moment im kind of drawing a blank to any help would be appreciated.

Till next time people i hope all is good…..