Random Update…

Today is cold, like it always is, my feet are freezing, kind of want to curl up in bed nice and warm. Seems like i get my best ideas for work when im in bed at night, im definitly a nocturnal artist. Was attempting to do something last night but couldnt quite bring myself to sit at a cold desk.

I have quite a lot of ideas of various projects, wish i could just focus on one and put that into use but i have like a million different ideas of many different things i could do. I havent done much pencil work in a long time, i think it would be useful to look into that and get my sketching down better. I focuses so much on the digital side that i have kind of neglected the traditional side of drawing. But i cant seem to sketch things without painting them in, just always seems unfinished to me, have to give it a try. I wish i had an A3 scanner so i could can stuff to put on my comp. I have a bit of a problem drawing on A4, i always seem to draw too big hehe.

I think i will have to have a try and sketching, its advice i been giving so its good to get used to, time to feel my room up with random bits of paper and drawing again hehe. 😉

Anyways people i run out of things to say, just thought i would waffle to keep the blog up to date. Until next time, keep it cool


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