Latest stuff after a long break..

Hey people. if anyone is out there??!!

Sorry for the long break i have had quite a lot of things going on at the moment, those who know would understand. Havent really had much of a drawing chance to be honest but I have been working on a few things lately……

Firstly My Alien painting for my Fiancee, thought i would share it to you now as i couldnt before cause it was all top secret and all that…. But here it is now for your viewing pleasure

I been working on a bit of annimation too, havent really done much of it though but it took long enough to do what i did. I want to continue with it though cause i think it came along well, just need to get my head around it some more………

Please leave any comments and let me know what you think and any ideas of how i could continue, at the moment im kind of drawing a blank to any help would be appreciated.

Till next time people i hope all is good…..


2 responses to “Latest stuff after a long break..

  1. >very very much time did you spent on Flash to make this? I like it

  2. >Oh it must have been a couple weeks doing it, it was a long process. Maybe would be a bit quicker now im a bit more fluent with flash but back then it was all new stuff. Still debating to continue it or not

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