Bryaugh: Flight of Dragons

Hi people, hows it going??

Just a quick update of my lastest thing. I been joining some groups on Deviant Art and trying to make a point of submitting some artwork for them just to keep me focused. So here is my latest submission….

I always been a fan of the movie so it made a nice change and gave me a bit of ‘back to the old days’ so that was nice. Anyone out there remember this movie???

Anyway got some more prjects lined up so i’ll update you when it happens if you around 🙂 Take care for now!!!!


2 responses to “Bryaugh: Flight of Dragons

  1. Yes! I remember this movie fondly. I loved the look and feel of it. Whenever I drew dragons as a child (or draw them now as an adult) the Flight of the Dragons style was my template. It still irritates me to see dragons in movies that don’t fit that look.

    Silly, I suppose. But, I’m definitely a child of the 80’s. Can’t get around that.

    Good luck with your art! And thanks for recalling to mind a favorite!

    • Lol thats ok! I loved that movie it was definitley underrated!! I would draw dragons all the time when i was younger, its only cause i stumbled apon a Flight of Dragons group i thought i would have a go at relighting some old fire so to speak. Was a bit of a pleasure finding it and working on something from so back when. Im totally a child of the 80’s hehe. They dont make Dragon movies like they used too 😉

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