MCM Expo London

Just got back from the MCM Comic Expo in the London Excel Center. It was the first one i went to and it was a good day out, lots of nice stuff going on up there and got some cool photos to match.

Would be nice to attend again some time and meet some more good people. Pleasure meeting the people I did and nice seeing Lee Townsend again and Simons Cat

Flawless Images

My service for photo restoration and editing which i am just starting out with. I have done quite a lot for people before but i thought i would spread the word a little to see if i can give my services to anyone out there. Let me know what you think people. Click the link…..


Random Update…

Today is cold, like it always is, my feet are freezing, kind of want to curl up in bed nice and warm. Seems like i get my best ideas for work when im in bed at night, im definitly a nocturnal artist. Was attempting to do something last night but couldnt quite bring myself to sit at a cold desk.

I have quite a lot of ideas of various projects, wish i could just focus on one and put that into use but i have like a million different ideas of many different things i could do. I havent done much pencil work in a long time, i think it would be useful to look into that and get my sketching down better. I focuses so much on the digital side that i have kind of neglected the traditional side of drawing. But i cant seem to sketch things without painting them in, just always seems unfinished to me, have to give it a try. I wish i had an A3 scanner so i could can stuff to put on my comp. I have a bit of a problem drawing on A4, i always seem to draw too big hehe.

I think i will have to have a try and sketching, its advice i been giving so its good to get used to, time to feel my room up with random bits of paper and drawing again hehe. 😉

Anyways people i run out of things to say, just thought i would waffle to keep the blog up to date. Until next time, keep it cool

>Some of my Images

>Here is a couple of my lastest things when i went through a stint of doing some Transformer artwork

My Optimus Prime Acrylic Canvas painting

My Bumble Bee

I was quite proud of these two so i thought as a starter i would post them up

Just starting out

Just starting out with this, not much of a blogger but lets see how this goes. Might take a while to bare with me, i have too many accounts and stuff to deal with at the moment………

So anyway i will try and get some artwork and stuff up, show some links and things and maybe get to know some of you lovely peoples on the interwebs.

For now you can look at my Deviant Art page until i get some more stuff up